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Made in China, Made for ASEAN: The Presence of Trudian at CACF2023


The 10th China-ASEAN (Thailand) Commodity Fair (CACF2023) has provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen the ties between Chinese suppliers and Thai customers. Trudian, a leading provider of smart home security solutions, has also participated in this event last week to showcase our latest products and groundbreaking technologies.

Trudian at CACF2023 Bangkok Exhibition

China has maintained its status as Thailand's largest trading partner for nine consecutive years, and economic cooperation is the core of Thailand-China relations. Chinese products have consistently enjoyed a warm reception in the Thai market. The CACF exhibition served as a significant occasion for Chinese suppliers and Thai customers to come together and establish connections. This year, the 10th CACF event was finally held after a three-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing the vision of "Made in China, made for ASEAN," about 200 Chinese companies have participated in this event, attracting over 10,000 visitors from Thailand.

As an expert in smart home security industry, Trudian has dedicated more than three decades to enhancing the convenience and safety of homes. Presently, our range of products includes smart locks, video intercoms, access control systems, PoE switches, elevator controls, turnstiles, and corresponding software available for both PC and mobile platforms. Over the years, we have earned the trust of our customers and helped them embrace smarter and safer living.

Trudian at CACF2023 Bangkok Exhibition

At CACF2023, we proudly unveiled our latest smart lock series, which generated significant interest among attendees. Our standout model, the TD-K1 Pro-B smart lock, boasts an integrated HD camera and semiconductor fingerprint sensor, offering unmatched safety and convenience. By connecting it to Tuya phone application, homeowners can control their door locks and monitor the status from anywhere. Engaging with local distributors and users allowed us to collect valuable feedback, deepen our understanding of the needs of the local clientele, and provide suitable smart locks for every home.

Trudian at CACF2023 Bangkok Exhibition

We’ve also showcased our advanced building video intercom systems, which can connect one outdoor station with hundreds of indoor monitors, making them suitable for hotels, hospitals, and offices. Many Thai customers have expressed keen interest in these video intercom systems, as there are currently limited options available in the local market. These systems were considered as valuable additions to their home ecosystems, enhancing both security and convenience.

Trudian at CACF2023 Bangkok Exhibition

The CACF2023 exhibition provided an exceptional platform for suppliers, distributors, and customers to meet and establish connections. Additionally, around 10 professional conferences were held concurrently, covering various subjects and aiding attendees in gaining insights into both the Chinese and Thai markets. By showcasing our cutting-edge innovations and latest products of smart home security solutions at this fair, we’ve forged connections with numerous local distributors and end users, exploring potential future collaborations.

Participating in the CACF2023 exhibition was a gratifying experience for Trudian. Following our recent attendance at WOSAS2023 last month, we have further expanded our presence in the Southeast Asian market. By directly engaging with Thai customers, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of their smart home security solution requirements. In the future, well remain focused on our commitment to advancing industry technology and delivering superior products to meet the needs of all users.

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