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Trudian - Professional OEM&ODM Provider

Guangdong Trudian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1992(hereinafter referred to as Trudian),which specializes in the research&development and innovation of smart community products and solutions.

It is a smart community, smart home, design, research and development, production, sales and service as an integrated high-tech enterprise, it has always been a leading manufacturer of smart community industry in China.  With the development of the company, our corporation obtained ISO9001 & ISO14001 international certification.

The group has a product research and development base of 24,000 ㎡(Farbell Technology Park) and a production base of 18,000 ㎡ (Hengmen Industrial Park), including more than 800 employees, including 150+ R&D staffs.

Trudian has branches in most provinces in China, with one each in Hong Kong,China and the Philippines. Trudian's products have served more than 50 countries and regions around the world, providing security for hundreds of millions of people.

Customization We Support

  • Excellent Customization Team/Professional Customization Experience

Use an Existing Design

There is no need to make new mold. Only simple changes such as logo modification, silk print changing, package change, etc. The minimum order quantity is 500 Units.

Make a New Design

Customized hardware or software development and small-scale changes are required, such as design, PCB, camera, app, etc. The minimum order quantity is 1000 Units.

1.Submit your customization needs

  • Customer express ideas and OEM&ODM needs on design and function freely.
  • Trudian’s professional sales shall contact you for related consultation and quotation.

2.Agreement & Development

  • Mutual parties reach an agreement and sign the contract for development.
  • Trudian’s R&D engineers draw the design and start software & hardware development upon confirmation from customers.

3.PCB & Sample Manufacture

  • After the design and solution confirmed, we will start PCB manufacturing and making samples.
  • We dedicate to manufacturing the goods to you with the highest efficiency.

4.Automated Production Equipment

  • We achieve automatic control and coordination of the production process through advanced mechatronics equipment, with high efficiency.

5.Reliable Quality Control

  • We use advanced fixed-point positioning management, which can automatically check products by scanning QR codes to ensure the quality of each product.
  • We conduct online quality control during production, and outgoing quality control for every single piece of item before shipment.