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  • - Versatile Unlock Methods: supports fingerprint, PIN, dynamic password, key, and remote control.
  • - Compact Design: small at 65x65x25mm, suitable for various doors.
  • - High Security: quick semiconductor fingerprint recognition with low false rates. Phantom password available.
  • - Battery Powered: uses 4 AAA batteries, with low power consumption and an emergency power option.
  • - User Friendly: voice assistant support, touch keypad, Tuya App connectivity, low voltage alarm, and fast unlock time.
  • - Durability: adopts zinc alloy panel, black nickle treatment.
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Unlock Method Fingerprint, PIN, dynamic password, key, remote control
Lock Dimension 65x65x25mm
Material Zinc alloy panel,
black nickle treatment
Administrators Capacity 1
Fingerprint & PIN Capacity Total 200 records
Password Length 6~10 digits
Phantom Password 32 digits
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor
Fingerprint Contrast time 0.6 Second
Fingerprint Identification Angle 360°
False Rejection Rate 0.1%
False Recognition Rate 0.0001%
Reaction Time 0.1 Second
Battery 4pcs AAA alkaline batteries
Power DC 6V
Emergency Power DC 5V
Static Current 50uA
Dynamic Current 200mA
Working Temperature -20~70
Working Relative Humidity 20%~90%RH
Voice Assistant Support
Keypad Standard 11-bit touch keypad
Low Voltage Alarm 4.6+0.2V
Unlock Time 1 Second
Tested Service Life 300,000 times
Connect to Tuya App Wifi

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