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  • - Unlock Methods: Offers multiple secure unlocking methods including facial recognition, fingerprint, password, IC card, Tuya App, and traditional key.
  • - Material: Constructed with durable materials, this lock features an aluminum alloy build with a baking paint surface and IMD coating, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.
  • - HD Camera: Equipped with a high-definition camera, provides added security and facial recognition features.
  • - Screen Display: Features a 4.0" IPS screen for user-friendly interaction and visual feedback.
  • - Capacity: Can store up to 300 sets of face, card, fingerprint, and password data, providing ample space for user profiles.
  • - Security Features: Supports 20-digit anti peeping password, enhancing security measures.
  • - Fingerprint Sensor: Utilizing a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, ensures quick and accurate fingerprint recognition with a contrast time of less than 1s.
  • - App Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Tuya App for remote control and unlocking.
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Unlock Method Facial recognition, fingerprint, password, IC card, key, Tuya App
Lock Dimension 425x69x65mm
Color Grey
Material Aluminum alloy, baking paint surface, IMD coating
HD Camera 2 million pixels
Screen Display Front: 0.96″ OLED screen
Back: 4.0″ IPS screen
Lock Mortise Size 6068
Face & Card & Fingerprint & PIN Capacity Total 300 sets
Password Length 4~10 digits
Phantom Password 20 digits
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor
Fingerprint Contrast time 1s
Fingerprint Identification Angle 360°
False Rejection Rate 1%
False Recognition Rate 0.001%
Reaction Time 1s
Battery 4200mAh lithium battery
Operating Voltage 7.0V~8.4V
Emergency Power USB port, 5V
Static Current 80uA
Dynamic Current 300mA
Working Temperature -20~40
Working Relative Humidity 10%~60%
Voice Assistant Support
Keypad Standard 12-bit touch keypad
Low Voltage Alarm 7.2V
Unlock Time 1s
System Restart USB port
Double-Locking Support
Connect to Tuya App 2.4G WiFi
Advanced Functions Snapshot, intercom, alarm, one-key on/off

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