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  • - 4.3" LCD screen and digital touch buttons.
  • - Wall-mounted for easy installation.
  • - 10,000 facial recognition capacity, liveness detection.
  • - Unlocking: facial recognition, intercom, password, card, QR code, Bluetooth, and remote control.
  • - Camera surveillance, elevator linkage, and automatic detection of door status.
  • - Compatible with Trudian Community Management Center Platform.
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User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with touch buttons and a 4.3" LCD screen for easy operation.

Face Recognition: Can recognize up to 10,000 faces with liveness detection.

Installation: Wall-mounted for easy setup.

High-Resolution Display: Boasts a 600x1024 resolution screen and a 2 million pixels camera.

Versatile Unlocking Options: Supports various methods like facial recognition, intercom, password, card, QR code, Bluetooth, and remote control.

Visitor Interaction: Allows visitors to leave messages and capture photos for easy communication.

Smart Advertising Playback: Features intelligent advertising playback with infrared wake-up.

Software Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Trudian Community Management Center Platform for remote control.


Button touch button
Screen 4.3" LCD
Access Control digital standard IC network access control
Face Recognition 10,000 capacity, liveness detection
Power Supply 12V
Standby Current 290mA
Working Current 700mA
Working Temperature -40°C~70°C
Working Humidity 10%~90%
OS Linux
Memory 1G
Flash 8G
Resolution 600*1024
Camera 2 million pixels
Reading Distance 0~6mm
Card Capacity unlimited (read and write sectors)
Installation Method wall-mounted
Appearance Size 272x125x26mm
Remote Online System Upgrade support
Basic Functions video intercom, camera surveillance, elevator linkage
Unlocking intercom, password, card (IC card, CPU card, ID card), QR code, Bluetooth, phone app, cloud platform remote control
Alarm automatic detection of door opening and closing status
Visitors Leave Messages and Photos support
Smart Advertising Playback Function infrared wake-up and auto-play
Trudian Community Management Center Platform support

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